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DIY: lazy sunday treats

Hi there!

Sunday is my day of just lying around with no make up and in a comfy pair of pants.

But I also like a treat!

1. Facial scrub (once/twice a week)

1. mix 2 tbsp of honey with 2 of olive oil and half a cup of caster sugar
2 .mix well in a small container
3. apply a small amount on your face and gently massage it in
4. rinse and dry your face softly
5. I like this on my dry lips in the winter, it makes them all soft and exfoliates them like magic! and it tastes niiice ;)
note 1: it is possible that the oil and honey won’t mix well, seeing as oil has a tendency to come back to the surface. It doesn’t matter, but make sure you keep that oil in there ’cause your skin will like it!
note 2:
if you can, rinse with cold water to close the pores. To get rid of all the oily feeling, gently wash your face with soft shampoo or soap, seeing as soap gets rid of grease easily (the only tip I kept in mind from my long ago biology class, yay!)

2. Vinegar rinse

after washing your hair, just rinse it with warm water mixed with a drop of vinegar. It will give your hair a soft touch and shine! I like to mix the vinegar with lemon, because in the winter, my hair grows darker. Lemon juice helps my hair go naturally lighter and back to my natural color!

See you tomorrow for last minute wrapping tips!

Happy Sunday,


Inspiration: What’s your Elf name?

jdhrmgr  - copie

happy Saturday!


DIY: dress to shirt


So here we are today for a easy refash’!

You will need:

1. old dress or tunic
2. pins, sewing machine, fabric scissors, etc
3. two other fabric prints
this is what my dress looked like, I got it from a second hand shop in town for nearly nothing. It comes from Vero Moda, and it’s made in a sort of thick polyester material.

DSC01127DSC01128DSC01129This is how it goes:

1. Take those buttons off and pin down the collar so that it doesn’t come so high anymore
DSC01132DSC011312. Sew the collar under
DSC011333. lay the dress inside out on the floor and fold in half to find the middle. I then drew a rounded line and left seem allowance. This is the shortening process.
note: I have darts in the back so I was careful to cut no too close to them!
DSC01135 DSC01136
4. Pin around the lines too make sure the fabric won’t slip and cut on the outside line
5. Make a double hem
6. Cut out a strip out of one of the other fabrics (I chose a light blue). It should be as long as the bottom you’ve just hemmed and about 4cm large
7. Fold in half (right sides together), sew three sides closed, turn inside out and close the remaining side. It should now be 2cm large
8. Place around the bottom hem, 1cm each side of the hem and sew it on with matching thread.
DSC01138 29. Now do the same with your second fabric and the sleeves: mesure the lenght and largeness of the sleeve hem.
eg: my sleeve hem was 24cm long and 2cm large. I cut a 24 cm long strip and 4cm large strip. Then, follow steps 7-8
note: I sewed the fabric with a light thread. For detail sake, I then added a decorative dark line a little under the light one

10. add some colored buttons and you’re done!

DSC01141DSC01142How easy was that! ;)

Have a lovely Sunday!


ps: notice the rings in the ninth pic? make them yourself by checking out the “Morning Creativity” blog, here:



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